University Lecturer

What does a University Lecturer do?
  • Teaches tutorial classes of undergraduate and post graduate students.
  • Supervise student learning on line and in one on one mentoring.
  • Classroom management.
  • Plan and produce lectures.
  • Deliver lectures.
  • Teaches a range of subjects: literacy, numeracy, science, PE, music.
What do I need to be good at?
  • Teaching.
  • Working with students of all ages.
  • Problem solving.
  • Following process and meeting education outcomes.
  • Working in an education team.
How much does a University Lecturer get paid?

The average salary for a University Lecturer is $103,000 which can vary depending on experience and training.

How does a University Lecturer get trained?

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  1. University Lecturers need to complete a post graduate degree, a Masters, or a Doctorate in their field. This takes between three and six years.
  2. University lecturers can complete a Grad Certificate in University Education which takes around 12 months.
What does this job lead to?
  • University leadership roles.
  • Unit chair.
  • Head of teaching.
  • Research managers.
  • Professor.